Founder Newsletter #2: Kickstarting 2024

Written by: Nimish Adani



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Greetings Everyone and Happy Republic Day!

Well, we are at the end of January 2024 already. Hope you all have had a fantastic start to the New Year.

2023 has been a good year! While we have so much to be grateful and thankful for, we know that it is only your patronage and love that keeps us going. So let me start by saying Thank You!!

As much as I really wanted to stay in touch the last few months, but couldn't and with good reason though. There was just so much happening on the work front. The Housenama team has been quite busy and it's all good! There is a lot I need to share and lot of updates will be coming your way.

We are excited and let me tell you why.

So for those who do not know, we have been in the online business since 2011, we have fulfilled over 135,000+ name-plate orders. Till date we have been present exclusively in the online space, catering to customers across India.

This year, 2024, as we continue expanding our footprint, there was a thought, why not go Offline! 

Why Offline?

We have been successfully catering to our customers online for a while now and will continue to do so. While the online shopping experience is seamless,  traditionally buyers are accustomed to physically seeing and holding a product before making a purchase decision and so we found a way to address that.

Buying a House Name Plate is an important decision after all. 

So, we thought, why not enhance the customer experience and facilitate home/ office owners to walk into a store, see the name plates in person and then make the purchase.

And that is how the Franchise Partner Program was born.

I am super excited to kickstart this year by rolling out our Franchise Partner Program.

Introducing our Franchise Partner program

So if you have an empty wall in your retail outlet and are looking to monetize it, you can now display and sell Housenama nameplates in your own stores.

You can get started for as little as Rs. 10,000, which is pretty cool.

How it works? Well its quite simple!

  1. As our franchise partner, you can purchase and display sample name-plates in your store. Additionally, you are also provided with a soft copy of the entire catalogue of Housenama products that can be displayed on a screen and/or mobile.

  2. Walk-in customers can choose from the different nameplate options, share customization details and book their order with the franchise partner. Support is provided by Housenama for any design/customization request.

  3. Once you, as a franchise partner books the order with Housenama, we make and ship the customized nameplate from our workshop in Mumbai to your store. You earn a commission on every order.

Once again, would like to thank you for taking the time out and reading this newsletter. And on that note, it is an absolute pleasure to extend an open invitation to join the Housenama tribe.

Looking forward to seeing Housenama Name Plates in your shops.

Founder & CEO, Housenama