Week 117 | Dec 11, 2023 - Dec 16, 2023

Written by: Nimish Adani



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Product Launch

Launched 5 products across existing collections.

  • Executive Desk Name Plate for Stock Market Traders - We've gotten a dozen requests to make a desk nameplate for stock market traders over the last 2 years and we've finally obliged. This is part of our Plaquettes collection
  • Pink Flamingo - Kids' Room Door Sign - This is part of our increasing collection of Kids' Room Door Signs.
  • Sarnaik - Decorative Wooden Name Plate - This ethnic decorative name-plate is a stunning and unique way to showcase your name and style. The base name-plate is made from wood and given an antique metallic paint finish that gives it a vintage and elegant look. Another wooden plate which has been painted in red is then pasted on top. The name-plate is then embellished with ornate gold handles on the 2 sides to add to its decorative appeal. The stylish lettering at the center of the rectangle is cut out from wood and painted gold. The overall size of the name-plate is 16 inch x 6.25 inch, making it ideal for any space. It is part of our Dvaranka collection.
  • Regal Silver Monogram Nameplate - After the success of our Regal Golden Monogram Nameplate, we decided to launch one in silver so as to give our customers an additional colour option.
  • Squarica - Stainless Steel Company GST Name Plate - We have finally launched the stainless steel variant of our best-seller Squarica - GST Company Name Plate in acrylic.