Week 67 | Dec 26, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022

  • This week our primary focus was on product improvements based on customer feedback:
    • Some products from our Ornate collection had balance issues when fixed on to the wall since we had provisioned for only 2 diagonal screw holes - Aafreen, Gulshan, Jaziira. We have now changed the design and added additional hole(s) to fix this issue.
    • Lot of our customers complained that our Golden Portoro - Contemporary House Number/Name Sign had a dull finish and that didn't live up to their expectations. So we've now changed the material and process to ensure it has a glossy finish. We think this will be closer to the marble-like look that customers expect from the product.
  • We've also re-started our recruitment process for a Customer Support role. (Update: The position has been closed and hence we've removed the link to the opening.)
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