Week 84 | Apr 24, 2023 - Apr 29, 2023

Written by: Nimish Adani



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Product Launch

  • When a customer DM'd us to have their Instagram QR code printed on a nameplate, we didn't anticipate it to be much of a challenge. But once we saw the screenshot of the QR code, we knew it couldn't be used as the print input. Achieving a sharp and high quality required the design team to replicate the same QR code by drawing an array of 2000+ objects. Having surmounted the challenge once, we have now cracked the process to quickly replicate the QR code for any Instagram handle. So if you're looking to flaunt your Insta handle on the wall, upload a picture of your Instagram QR code and order this brass sign. It's a great way to convert footfalls to Instagram followers.