9 Unique Gurmukhi Fonts for a Personalised Name-plate

Written by: Nimish Adani



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Name-plates are important pieces of decor that not only identify a specific space or building but also add a personalized touch to it. Gurmukhi fonts, being unique and beautiful, make for an excellent choice for name-plates. With various fonts available, each with its distinct style, you can surely find the perfect one for your name-plate. In this article, we will explore nine unique Gurmukhi fonts that are perfect for a personalized name-plate.

1. Braah One

Braah One is a beautiful and unique Gurmukhi font designed by the talented Ashish Kumar. With its sleek, minimalistic design, this font is perfect for contemporary styled name-plates. The font's clean strokes and perfect spacing make it easy to read, even for people with weak eyesight, and its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any home or office.

One of the most impressive features of Braah One is its versatility. The font is suitable for a wide range of applications, from name-plates to posters, banners, and more. Its clean, minimalist design ensures that it is easy to read and stands out from the crowd.

Braah One Font

2. Baloo Paaji 2

Baloo Paaji 2 is an eye-catching and bold Gurmukhi font designed by Ek Type. The font features thick and bold strokes, making it a perfect choice for name-plates that need to make a statement. Baloo Paaji 2 is an excellent choice for name-plates installed outside your home or office due to its clear and easy-to-read design. The font also features uppercase letters that add a touch of class to your name-plate.

Baloo Paaji Font

3. BhuTuka Expanded One

BhuTuka Expanded One is a unique and contemporary Gurmukhi font designed by Erin McLaughlin. This font is perfect for creating name-plates that showcase your modern taste in art. The font's letters are spacious and can be easily read from a distance, making it perfect for outdoor name-plates. BhuTuka Expanded One adds a touch of modernity and chicness to your name-plate, making it a perfect choice.

BhuTuka Expanded One

4. Mukta Mahee

Mukta Mahee is a clean and simple Gurmukhi font designed by Ek Type. This versatile font features wide letters and perfect spacing, making it an excellent choice for both formal and informal name-plates. The font's minimalistic design makes it highly legible and easy to read from a distance – perfect for large name-plates. Mukta Mahee's versatility and clarity make it perfect for creating name-plates for various settings.

Mukta Mahee Font

5. Tiro Gurmukhi

Tiro Gurmukhi is a stunning and elegant font designed by Tiro Typeworks in partnership with John Hudson, Fiona Ross, and Paul Hanslow. The font features delicate strokes that create an intricate and stylish design, making it perfect for a sophisticated name-plate. Its clarity and legibility make it a great option for smaller name-plates or spaces. Tiro Gurmukhi adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your name-plate.


6. Langar

Langar is a unique and quirky Gurmukhi font designed by Typeland in collaboration with Alessia Mazzarella. The font features distinctive strokes and an uneven baseline, creating an innovative and contemporary design perfect for unconventional name-plates. Langar is a great choice for creating a name-plate that reflects your artistic and imaginative personality. It is also a great option for name-plates that need to stand out in a crowded area.

Hind-Siiguri Font

7. Anek Gurmukhi

Anek Gurmukhi is a fun and playful font designed by Ek Type. The font features unique and quirky strokes that make it perfect for creating name-plates for children's rooms, kindergartens or any other playful settings. The font's text is designed to be easily readable, making it ideal for small spaces. Anek Gurmukhi adds a fun and exciting touch to your name-plate, making it perfect for those looking for something cute and playful.

Anek Gurmukhi Font

8. Noto Sans Gurmukhi

Noto Sans Gurmukhi is an exceptional and versatile Gurmukhi font designed by Google. The font features a clean and simple design that makes it easy to read and a great option for a wide range of name-plate applications. Whether you need it for formal, informal, or contemporary settings, Noto Sans Gurmukhi fits all requirements. The font is an excellent option for creating name-plates that require a clean and professional look.

Noto-Sans Font

9. Noto Serif Gurmukhi

Noto Serif Gurmukhi is a beautiful and classic font designed by Google. Its classic and timeless design makes it perfect for creating name-plates that are both elegant and sophisticated. The font features delicate and elegant strokes that have been perfectly spaced, making it easy to read from a distance. The font's versatility, clarity, and elegant design make it perfect for all name-plate applications.

Noto Serif Gurmukhi Font


Nowadays, name-plates have become an essential part of our homes and offices, representing and personalizing the spaces we inhabit. With Gurmukhi fonts, you have the option to choose unique and stylish designs that represent you. With the variety of fonts available in the market, you have the option to select the typeface that bests suits your style. We hope this list helps you in finding the perfect Gurmukhi font for your name-plate!