Name Plates For Really Long Names

Written by: Avinash Subramaniam



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Many Indian names can be delightfully-long. But these long names can pose a unique challenge when it comes to putting them on name plates. For great name plates that are customised for long names (more than 12 characters) are not that easy to find. Not unless, you check out what we have in store for you. And on that short note, you are cordially invited to introduce yourself to a range of name plates that showcase the longest of names in distinctive style and sans any restrictions. After all, it’s the name plate that should fit the name, and not vice versa.

1. The Edwardian

So named because of its stately, elegant, and regal looks, this design from Housenama is flexible enough to accommodate the longest of names in a manner and font that bring out its best qualities.

2. Open Corners

Another way to look at the smart side of stainless steel when it comes to name plates is this versatile and roomy design from our Classica collection.

3. Acrylic Art

The beauty, versatility, and generosity of acrylic is unearthed only when it is worked on by the right people. This flexible and spacious Allegro name plate is a fine example of what we mean.

4. Shiny Matters

Shine your name across your doorstep and welcomes with this extendible creation in beautiful brass from our Bellissimo collection of name-plates.

5. Peace Out

Welcome the good energy into your cosy home with this spiritual and tranquil take on the length and breadth of customized name plates from our collection of wooden name-plates.