Connecting the dots

Written by: Nimish Adani



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This post was originally published on Linkedin on July 25, 2022 by the author, Nimish. In the post, Nimish throws light on a series of unrelated incidents that inspired Housenama's best-selling Ornate collection of nameplates.

1. I once worked at a branding and design firm in a biz dev role. A few months in, the team turned me into a pro at design tools - Photoshop, Illustrator & Coreldraw.

2. My wife loves mehendi. Occasion or not, she calls an artist to apply mehendi on her hands every 6 months. The artistry never fails to fascinate me. So I sit and watch.

3. When an interior designer friend learned that I owned a laser cutter, she started to send me material (sheets) to create beautiful jaali patterns. When the laser would cut through her sheets, the resulting vapours carried a therapeutic smell. So I looked forward to her work.

4. Every Sunday, a friend pens a shaayari that he sends out to me to read. He follows it up with the meaning(s) of the Urdu words used.

How do these disparate anecdotes connect?

A few weeks ago, I decided to put my design skills to test for Housenama.

I ended up creating the Ornate collection of name-plates - drawing inspiration from intricate patterns used for mehendi, mandalas and jaali work.

And I gave each product in the collection an Urdu name that describes the emotion behind the design.

I believe this is a result of the life experiences I detailed earlier in the post.

Do take a moment to see this labor of love - and let me know what you think.