10 Indian Names inspired by Numbers 1 to 10

Written by: Blaisy R



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Names and nomenclatures are important, interesting and fun. It’s why we make it a point to put a lot of thought into the ideas for the products that showcase them. Happily, all this hard work has helped us become India’s most accomplished maker of name plates and, in the process, introduced us to hundreds of names, nicknames, family names, and stories connected to tens of thousands of names.

Many of these stories are rather intriguing and we think are worth sharing with you; something we are going to do in a series of blog posts centred around answers to quirky questions like ‘Are Dwivedis, Trivedis, and Chaturvedis related?’ or ‘Why do most Sindhi surnames ends with –ani?’ or ‘Why do some surnames have two capital letters?’, and more. And on that note, let’s get right into the history of name-calling.

In this article we take a look at names and surnames that have a number connection.

1. Eknath

The famous Indian cricketer Eknath Solkar was probably named after the 16th Century Marathi poet and saint Eknath. The name literally translate as ‘One Lord’ referring to the Lord Shiva.

2. Dubashi

The surname Dubashi alludes to a person who is an exponent of two languages.

3. Trilok

Trilok is a common Indian name and it refers to the three realms of existence in Hindu Mythology i.e. Heaven, Hell and Earth.

4. Chaturvedi

The surname Chaturvedi alludes to a person who is an exponent of all the four vedas.

5. Panchapakesan

Panchapakesan is the god who has five rivers trapped in his hair.

6. Arumugam

Arumugam is the six-faced deity.

7. Saptarishi

The Saptarishi are the seven rishis (sages) who are extolled at many places in the Vedas and Hindu literature.

8. Ashtalakshmi

Ashtalakshmi is the lady with the gunas of eight goddesses.

9. Navarajan

Navarajan could easily be the last name among celestial royalty.

10. Dasaratha

Dasaratha is the man whose chariot can move in ten directions!