Dissecting Bengali Personal Names - Part 5 of 7

Written by: Nimish Adani



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We take a deep dive in to the fascinating world of Bengali names. This is the 5th of 7 posts we've written on the subject. Each post is written in the form of notes and observations on the subject.

Qualities of the Heart

Some qualities associated with the heart are also a source of typically Bengali personal names: Maya (kindness), Mamota (pity), Koruna (pity), Daya (mercy), Binoy (humility), Khama (forgiveness), Priti (love). All these tender qualities are mostly associated with feminine names.

Qualities of the Head

There are more than a dozen names associated with mental concepts but the stress seems to be on introspection rather than on more active qualities. Some of these are: Smriti (memory, fem.), Smritirekha (memory trace, fem.), Shruti (fem.), Chitto (consciousness), Choitonya (consciousness), Chetona (consciousness, fem.), Manos (mind), Gyan (knowledge), Chinmoy(ee), Tanmoy (rapt), Achinto (uncontemplated), Chayon (selection), Ruchi (taste, fem.).

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