Collection: Ladder

A Collection of Desk Nameplates for Successful Professionals.

Add a touch of elegance and professionalism to your desk with Ladder, a collection of desk name-plates made from locally grown sevan wood. Sevan is a wood species that has a subtle grain pattern, a smooth texture, and a yellowish hue. It is durable, stable, and easy to work with.

Each nameplate in this collection is custom printed with your name and title in a font and colour of your choice. The graphics and text are printed in high-quality colour on the surface of the nameplate, creating a sharp and vibrant contrast with the wood. The nameplate also comes with a brass stud at the back that allows you to display it on your table with ease.

The Ladder Desk Nameplate is a perfect gift for yourself or someone special who deserves recognition and appreciation. Whether you are a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, or any other professional, you can find a nameplate that suits your style and personality.

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