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Golden Brick Mandala Nameplate

Golden Brick Mandala Nameplate

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Introducing the Golden Brick Mandala Nameplate, a harmonious fusion of artistry and craftsmanship across three panels. Crafted with care, this personalized nameplate is a testament to elegance and individuality.

Design and Materials

The three-panel base of our nameplate is made from MDF. Each panel serves as a canvas for the intricate artwork that follows. Our skilled artisan breathes life into this piece, meticulously painting a mesmerizing mandala at each corner using delicate dots. These mandalas symbolize unity, balance, and positive energy.

Mandala Art

Inspired by the timeless beauty of mandalas, each corner features a unique design. The vibrant colors blend seamlessly, creating a visual symphony that celebrates life’s interconnectedness. The intricate patterns draw the eye inward, inviting contemplation and serenity.


At the heart of this masterpiece lies personalization. The elegant laser-cut birchply letters stand out against the mandala, adding a touch of sophistication. Whether it’s your family name, a meaningful word, or a heartfelt message, our nameplate ensures your identity is beautifully displayed.


    • Three-panel design with each panel approximately 12 inches in width and 4 inch in height
    • Overall size of 12 inch by 14 inch
    • Hand-painted mandala with meticulous dot-work
    • Laser-cut birchply lettering for personalized touch
    • Sturdy MDF base for durability
    • Ready to hang

Versatile Elegance

Hang the Golden Brick Mandala Nameplate on your front door, in your living room, or even as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Its timeless appeal transcends trends, making it a cherished addition to any home.

Elevate your space with our Golden Brick Mandala Nameplate – where art meets identity.

Primary Material



12 inch × 14 inch



Care Instructions

Apart from an occasional wipe, no other maintenance is required.

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