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Legal Luminary Nameplate

Legal Luminary Nameplate

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Introducing our exquisite Legal Luminary Nameplate, meticulously crafted for esteemed legal professionals. This elegant nameplate combines sophistication with functionality, making it the perfect addition to your office or chamber.

Product Features:

  • Premium Materials: Our nameplate is constructed from layers (each 5mm thick) of high-quality black and white acrylic - representing a lawyer's robe. The contrasting colors create a striking visual impact, while the durability ensures longevity.
  • Laser-Cut Precision: The barrister’s bands emblem and lettering are meticulously laser-cut into the acrylic surface. Each detail is sharp and precise, reflecting the professionalism of the legal field.
  • Stylish Rounded Edges: The corners of the nameplate feature rounded edges, adding a touch of elegance and modernity. This subtle design element sets it apart from ordinary nameplates.
  • Easy Mounting: The nameplate comes with screws for hassle-free installation. Simply position it on your office door, wall, or desk, and secure it in place. The mounting process is straightforward, allowing you to display your professional identity promptly.


  • Dimensions: The nameplate measures approximately 14 inches in width and 5 inches in height, providing a prominent display area for your name and title.
  • Emblem: The barrister’s bands emblem is prominently featured, symbolizing your legal expertise and commitment to justice.
  • Lettering: Your name and professional title (e.g., “Advocate” or “Lawyer”) are laser-cut in crisp white against the black acrylic background.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re a seasoned lawyer, a budding advocate, or a legal consultant, this nameplate suits all legal professionals.


  • Choose Your Spot: Select the ideal location for your nameplate—office door, reception area, or workspace.
  • Align and Mark: Hold the nameplate against the surface and mark the screw holes.
  • Secure with Screws: Use the provided screws to attach the nameplate securely. Ensure it sits level and centered.

Elevate Your Professional Image:

The Advocate and Lawyer Nameplate is more than just an identifier; it’s a symbol of your dedication to justice, expertise, and integrity. Let it adorn your workspace, leaving a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and visitors.

Primary Material



14 inch × 5 inch (35.6cm × 12.7cm)



Care Instructions

Apart from an occasional wipe, no other maintenance is required.

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