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Wooden Name Plate for Advocates & Lawyers

Wooden Name Plate for Advocates & Lawyers

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Looking for a charming touch to your law office entrance? These neat, efficient, steamed beech wood nameplates are just what the judge ordered, literally.

Featuring either the Scales of Justice or the Barrister's Bands (emblems of the legal profession), the layout has adequate space to showcase your name as well as your degree(s) and specialization. What's more, all our wooden name-plates are coated with polyurethane after they have been printed on - making them resistant to water and other atmospheric agents. Made to order and good for years to come.

Needless to say, it makes for a thoughtful gift for your advocate and lawyer friends at their office warming party.

Enough said. We've made our case. Now, it times for you to Order! Order!

Note: Each name-plate comes with a pair of mirror screws so that it can be easily affixed outside your office - either on the door or besides the door.

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Care Instructions

Apart from regular dusting, no other maintenance is required.

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The material is very good and the service is extremely satisfactory

The material is very good and the service is extremely satisfactory